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Spindle Maker 1" HCT217

Spindle Maker 1" HCT217

Description : Spindle Maker 

Uses :Many woodturners find using a skew chisel difficult and sometimes daunting when first attempting to use the tool. This is because it is inevitable that dig-ins will occur if the tool is not presented to the wood correctly. Until the Spindle Maker was developed the only way forward was perseverance until the necessary skills developed.The Hamlet Spindle Maker overcomes the apprehension inherent with the skew. It has one flat side and the opposing side is oval, a fingernail end with single bevel makes producing coves, beads and planing achievable, keep the bevel in contact with the wood at all times and you will soon make progress with your spindle work.
Size : 1"
Handle size : 10”


    58,00 €Price
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